Media Customer Loyalty Program

Expires: Maybe Never!

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$3 off each product this week, and $2 off thereafter as part of our
Social Media Loyalty Program!

businesses come to a crossroads….

They can increase their spending in advertising, which is almost always passed on to the consumer. Or they can spend little to no money
on advertising, and possibly starve!

We do our best at WieFit to keep our advertising budget to a minimum-almost nothing! In fact, 99% of our Clients come from referrals of past or current Clients. That’s how we know we have a good thing!

Our WieFit Team has recently gotten together, and asked two questions:

1.”How can we share what WieFit has to offer to thousands and thousands of more people”?

2. And “How can we do this, while at the same time, instead of increasing costs and prices, actually reward our customers with even
lower pricing”?!

The Answer? Financially reward our Customers for advertising for us!

The WieFit Social Media
Customer Loyalty Program

It’s so Simple!

Here’s how it works…

1. Simply take a Picture of something WieFit related*.

2. Upload it to your Social Media Account.

3. Tag WieFit’s Page, and…


For example, lets say you purchase:

  • · 2 UMP’s,
  • · 1 Muscle Provider,
  • · 1 Glutamine, and
  • · 2 Lean Outs.

By posting a “Wiefit Pic” to your Social media page, and tagging the corresponding WieFit page, YOU SAVE $12 on that order!

(6 products x $2.00 = $12 savings!)!

1. Just snap a picture,

2. Upload it to one (or all 3!) of these 3 social media platforms:

a. Facebook

b. Instagram

c. Twitter

3. TAG WieFit’s social media page (please Like and Follow WieFit too!) (On Instagram, search for “WiefitNutritionAndTraining”)

If Ordering in person at the WieFit Studio Location:

If you are ordering in person at the WieFit Studio, just pull out your smart phone, and show the person at the
front desk your uploaded picture, and that you have tagged WieFit’s corresponding social media page.

In fact, feel free to ask us to take your picture with your product and upload it on the spot! Or if having a bad hair day, just take a picture of one of our WieFit signs in our Studio (we really would prefer you in the picture though!).

You will automatically get the Social Media discount!

When Ordering OnLine at

1. Follow the first 3 steps above.

2. When ordering your product, type “SOCIALMEDIA” in the Promo-Code Section.

3. You will automatically see the Savings when you Check Out!

Note: Before we process your order, WieFit will double check to make sure you have uploaded an appropriate picture to one (or all) of the three
Social Media Platforms, and you successfully tagged WieFit.

If we cannot verify the above, we will attempt to contact you. If we cannot contact you, the order will be ran for the original amount. So don’t forget to post
AND tag us!

*Here are examples of acceptable postings

*Just make sure they are of You, or a WieFit Logo, or your product, or any
combination of these (we’d love to see all 3 in one post!).

In fact, we are going to give some great awards at the end of each month for the best posts (maybe Free Product or Personal
Training Sessions, or a cool WieFit T-Shirt!).

Note: If you are ordering online, and you do not have a Beverly product at the time of ordering, you may copy and paste, or screenshot the WieFit logo, and use that to upload to your Social Media page!



If $2.00 off every product
doesn’t sound enticing,

how does $3.00 off every
product sound?!

($3.00 offer ends Sunday,

If you
are a regular Social Media user, you already know how simple and fast
it will be to take advantage of our offering above.

But if not, we would like to incentivize you to take that first step by
offering $3.00 off every product of any order you place THIS WEEK!

Simply follow all the “WieFit Social – Media Customer Loyalty
Program” rules listed above, and all orders purchased by today
until the end of the day on

Sunday, February 25th, will receive $3.00 off every Product!


The WieFit Nutrition Seminar

It’s Free, and Will Change Your

Date: Monday, March 5th,

Please make this if you want to come, the next
one isn’t until April!

Seminar focuses on Why, When, and How to make structured meal plans work, be able to maintain a healthy bodyfat% and weight, while living a normal life! It is 100% free. WieFit offers them monthly, and they fill up, so RSVP!

Once you attend the Seminar, you may then decide if you would like to meet 1-on-1 with a WieFit Nutrition Counselor. The cost to begin the program is $135, and then $20 for monthly follow-ups. Very Affordable!

Attending the Seminar gives around a 90% greater success rate at reaching and maintaining your goals. We will cover topics that help nutrition make sense, how to make it work in our hectic lifestyles, and how you may be wasting your workout with the wrong diet.

Just sit, listen, learn, and wonder why you’ve watited so
long! Leave your wallet at home; just bring yourself (and
a friend or two if you want!)
. We promise we won’t call on you,
but if you have questions or comments, please ask!

RSVP by Clicking Here

In the email, include your name, names of any guests who will be attending, and the date of the Seminar that you will be attending.

| 846 Monmouth Street, Newport KY 41071 |


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