WieFit understands that training in Small Groups rather than One on One has its benefits. One benefit is reduced fees due to multiple people training at one time and sharing the costs. We understand that Small Group Fitness also allows those who only participate in Large Group Fitness the opportunity for more specialized training. Training in a Small Group provides support and motivation from not only your trainer, but also your counterparts within your Group. With the combination of strength training, functional training, and cardio/conditioning, WieFit’s Trainers will put together the perfect program for your Small Group in order to help reach your Fitness Goals.

Rates: Click here for info

Note:These Group Rates are for 15 1- hour Sessions. The Dates and Payment for all 15 sessions of each Person/Group will be Scheduled and Paid for Upfront. If any individual(s) do not show up on the Date of their Scheduled Training Session, monies will not be reimbursed for missing that session for any reason whatsoever.

Please call (859) 912–3783 to get started, or email us at info@wiefit.com, or stop down during our store hours!